C++ Trailer Review : Raw, Intense & Unique!

Sandalwood has always been receptive to newcomers if there is good content on offer. This time around, trying to tell a unique story, the team of C++ is arriving at KFI. Directed by Suresh Leon Rey, this movie has the debutante director himself playing the lead role too. Slated for a release on October 25th, the makers have recently come out with the trailer of the movie.

The trailer did impress and here is more about the captivating video.

Hard & Intense

With raw and intense shots populating the majority of the trailer, it seems the makers are trying to bring something unique to the audience. Once in awhile, such movies get ready in Sandalwood and hence, deserve support at the theatres.

— C++ Releasing This December —

A Novel Concept

Probably the first film devoted entirely to the cybercrime underworld in Sandalwood, C++ will showcase a number of heinous crimes that go past our eyes every single day. Hence, apart from entertaining us on the big screen, this movie could also serve as an awareness of society.

The promise of a solid storyline

Apart from the intense taking and novel concept, the trailer also showcases the thick storyline that could be served for us at the theatres. There are a number of character along with a strong conflict that should make the movie interesting.

— C++ Official Trailer —

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