5 reasons why ‘One Love 2 Story’ has to be your choice for entertainment this Independence Day!

This Independence Day is surely a boon to the Movie Industry. Movies releasing on August 15th could get as many as 4 straight holidays (considering many would be on leave this Friday!) to mint good money at the box-office. In Sandalwood, we have ‘One Love 2 Story’ releasing this Thursday and going by the hype surrounding this flick, it is on its way to create an impact in the industry.
On that note, here are 5 reasons why you cannot miss this movie at the theatres this weekend.

1) A Team of Newcomers

Almost every individual who has worked on this movie is new to this industry. Starting from Director Vashista Bantanur to lead actor Santosh, no one has been involved in a movie before. Well, on one hand, it is our responsibility to support the newcomers and on the other, we could be in for a lot of surprises at the theatres from this team.

2) Impressive Trailer

The trailer that was released a few days ago has caught the attention of the netizens. With captivating visuals and promising novelty, the trailer has increased the expectations around this movie.

3) Hero Santosh

Like almost every one of us, Santosh – the hero of this movie is also an engineer. A die-hard fan of Puneeth Rajkumar, Santosh worked in the IT industry before his foray into the movies. Well, going by his terrific screen-presence in the trailer, he could well be a star-hero material for the future.

4) Songs

While the ‘Hangover’ song sung by Vashista Simha has impressed the audience, another song penned by Simple Suni and sung by Sanjith Hegde is also making the right noises. Well, it would be a treat to listen to them in the theatres.

5) A relatable story

This film deals with events that happen amongst students in a college. It is a love story and both these aspects connect to almost every individual on earth. Hence, this relatability factor could immerse us in the proceedings at the theatres.

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