Mahira Film Review {3.5/5} : A Laudable Effort!

For the good of the industry, a few female-centric movies are getting released these days in Sandalwood. Adding to this list is Mahira, which has hit the screens this Friday. Directed by Mahesh Gowda and starring Virginia Rodriguez, Chaithra Achar and Raj B Shetty in prominent roles, let us now find out if this movie impressed the viewers on the first day.

Living happily in a coastal city looking after their Beach Cafe, the lives of a Mother-Daughter duo becomes uneasy as a group of assassins and the police are on the lookout for the Mother. The suspense behind the Mother’s character and why the assassins are targeting the Daughter becomes the crux of the story. Raj B Shetty’s character is thrown into the mix which further makes the plot interesting.

Mahesh Gowda has done an excellent job with his script but it is the way he has built the events throughout the movie which will win you over. Like seen in a few Hollywood flicks, the Mother’s character is given a few unlikely survival skills which makes the proceedings interesting.

While theatre actress Virginia has made a sensation debut in a lead role, her compatriot in newbie Chaithra also impresses. Raj B Shetty has been given an interesting role and the talented actor has done well.

Music has been handled well to justify the movie’s genre. Editing is crisp and to the point. Cinematography stays in line with the plot of the movie.

Overall, Mahira is a an impressive attempt which needs to be lauded for its novelty and emotional quotient.

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