Chitrakatha Movie Review {3.5/5} : A Second-Half worth rooting for!

A young team is at the core of this movie. Both the director and the producer are still newbies and with a fresh concept, this team has come up with a movie called ‘Chitrakatha’ which has hit the screens this Friday. Yashasvi Balaaditya has wielded the megaphone for this flick with debutante Sujeeth Rathod, Sudharani and Dilip Raj in lead roles.
Touted to be a psychological supernatural thriller, did the movie impress the audience? Let us find out now.

Rana (Sujeeth Rathod) is a wannabe filmmaker whose aspirations go for a toss when a script which is written by him does not find any takers in the industry. Frustration and desperation creep into Rana and he soon starts suffering from mental illness. He gets suggested to consult an Aghori Sadhu and to get back Rana to his normal routine, his friends decide to take him on a trip to Kasargod. There is also a psychiatrist who finds a similar pattern in the psychological issues being faced by Rana and one of her old patients (Dilip Raj).

The movie does have a story that is engaging and unique. However, the screenplay is inconsistent at times and it is only during the second half that the movie turns out to be extremely entertaining. If this concept had been aided by a stronger screenplay, we could have had a masterclass in our hands.

Sudharani and Dileep excel in their roles while it is the act of debutante Sujeeth Rathod which needs to be commended. He has portrayed his complex role very well and has a bright future in the industry.

The rest of the technicalities have been handled well and ‘Chitrakatha’ does make for an engaging watch. However, if you are a fan of psychological thrillers, this movie is a must-watch for you.

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