Rustum Movie Review: Shivanna at his best!

Probably the most popular action choreographer in Kannada Cinema – Ravi Varma has started his new innings today. His directorial debut Rustum has hit the screens this Friday. The movie also stars popular actors like Vivek Oberoi, Shraddha Srinath, Rachita Ram, Mayuri and J Mahendran. The trailer promised a great time for the movie-goers at the theatres and here is a quick review of the much-awaited flick.

The makers did not keep the genre of the movie a secret. From the beginning, the movie was projected as a commercial flick and it is here that the movie excels. A sprinkling of emotional drama makes Rustum a perfect watch for this weekend. A few cult scenes and dialogues make sure Rustum will also receive a lot of claps and whistles in the theatres.

Rustum starts off with an honest IAS officer missing from his home. While his family starts searching for the officer, their neighbor Abhishek starts helping them in the process. However, there is a lot more behind Abhishek’s identity which when revealed, starts off a series of impressive sequences leading to a satisfying climax.

Ravi Varma could not have picked a better script to start his directorial career. He has also been ably supported by his dialogue writers. The movie has the perfect mix of emotion, drama and action which makes sure the cinematic term of “full meals” gets fulfilled after you have finished watching the movie.

Shivaraj Kumar showcases yet again why he is revered across the state. He is absolutely fit and his moustache look is sure to make his die-hard fans go crazy. Coming to his acting performances, there is not one aspect which could have been better. Shivanna excels in all the departments. He is also well supported by talented actors like Vivek Oberoi, Shraddha Srinath and J Mahendran.

Anoop Selin has done a wonderful job as the music director of this movie. Many scenes are highlighted with his wonderful BGM work. Many mass-films go with simple template of shot composition. However, Rustum follows an unconventional route in this aspect thereby giving a unique texture and style to the movie. The cinematographer needs to be applauded for this effort.

Overall, Rustum is just the right movie which could set the Box-Office on fire. It has an impressive story, superb action scenes and an adorable protagonist. So, what are you waiting for? Just book your seats for this movie ASAP!

Rating: 3.75

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