Traya Movie Review: Suspense Galore!

Rating: 3.0/5

One movie which has hit the theatres this Friday without making a lot of sound is Traya. Starring Samyuktha Horanad and Krishna Hebbale, this movie is directed by Krishna Sai. Going by the released posters and visuals, the movie is touted to be a suspense thriller. With so many movies of the same genre releasing almost every weekend in Sandalwood, let’s find out if Traya manages to stand out from the list.

3 youngsters from a rich family are best friends and almost spend all of their time indulging in alcohol and betting. They own a posh flat in the city and make it ground for their indulgences. Soon, the neighbours start complaining which make the 3 friend move out to a big house on the outskirts of the city. One day, as they are on the way to their house, they encounter a girl who stops them asking for a drop. The next day when these guys wake up, they find a dead body in the room. What follows next and the suspense surrounding the dead body and the girl who came asking for a lift forms the crux of the story.

The director has chosen a tight script to start with. However,many scenes and characters in the film do not seem to be fresh which could affect the prospects of the movie. Nevertheless, it was indeed a fine attempt from him.
Samyuktha Horanad stands out as the leading protagonist in the movie. Most of the plot surrounds around her and she has done a good job of it. It is high time that Sandalwood filmmakers start offering more roles to her. The rest of the characters have done justice to their roles too.

Music is definitely one good aspect you can find in this movie. The BGM does haunt you and helps you keep engaged with the happenings on screen. Cinematography is decent and is in line with movies which fall into this genre. Editing us good with the flick having a bearable run-time. Production quality is not bad considering this is a low-budget movie.

Overall, if you are someone who loves the suspense genre , then a ticket bought for Traya will be worth for you.

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