Here’s South India’s First Horror Anthology “Ondh Kathe Hella” Movie Review

Released on March 8th, Ondu Kathe Hella was marketed as the first horror anthology movie in South India. The film team promised a feast to the lovers of the horror film-genre and they do not disappoint.

It is always difficult to involve the audience in a particular plot and the makers of Ondu Kathe Hella took up the task of serving 5 different plots in a movie to the audience. In fact, this particular aspect of various subplots is one of the major highlights in the movie. The movie starts with a group of 5 friends taking on a journey from Bangalore to a distantly located homestay. Each of the characters narrates a horror story during the course of the journey which, as the movie progresses, starts happening to them in reality. The further events form the crux of the story.

With most of the actors being debutantes, they have put up a good performance with Rangitharanga’s Karthik Rao being the most impressive of the lot. The first-time director has done a good job of bringing out a complex story in a comprehensible way to the audience. He is aided by superb technicians who have done their job very well.

Ondu Kathe Hella’s major plus point could be the way “Evil” is perceived in the movie. Scientific explanations are given to the existence of “Spirit” and the film ends with a thread for the audience to think about.

On the whole, lovers of horror films will be entertained thoroughly in this movie and can expect better work from this team in the future.

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