7 Reasons To Not Miss Ondhu Kathe Hella!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Here’s 5 reasons you should go watch Ondhu Kathe Hella!

1. Five times everything

Ondhu Kathe Hella is the first horror anthology in South India, which means it’s a collection of five different stories that all converge to one ending that links everything. Each storyline will be twenty minutes long, with about seven minutes of horror in each. They will have you on the edge of your seat, as you have to wait till the end of the movie to glean the connection between all of them.

2. Young talent

Having won the Indian Idol Junior a few years back, the 10th grade student, Anjana Padmanabhan, has sung the solo track, Nannedeyolage for the movie. She also has previously been a playback singer in numerous Hindi films. It’s refreshing to have someone so young, doing so well in the film industry.

3. Family-friendly

Even though Ondhu Kathe Hella debuted as a horror movie, the director is confident of its genre being a non-issue. The movie has also been awarded U/A certification, without any cuts, which in itself is an achievement. So this is not just a movie for adults to enjoy, but you can take your whole family along with you!

4. Diversity

There are a lot of different views and paths that this movie has taken, which mainly stems from the fact that it was crowd-funded by 22 new people in the industry, which led to the movie having quite a few directing options. Unlike movies run by a singular entity, this one appeals to the crowd with its diversity.

5. Fresh faces

The actors in the movie are mostly new, fresh faces in the industry, who have all made their mark with movie. Their unfamiliarity with the process did nothing but increase the energy and enthusiasm of their acting, which really has made this movie one worth watching.

6. Proof of quality

The trailer that was released a while back was proof of how good the cinematography and music quality are, and we can’t wait to actually witness it in the theatre!

7. Persistence

The director of the movie has pitched around 98 different seminars to get this movie where it is, and he has given it his all to make it the masterpiece it is. We, for one, can’t wait to explore the plethora of cliff hangers this one is sure to leave.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets right now!

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