7 Reasons Why STRIKER Cannot Be Missed At The Theatres This Friday!

Very few psychological thrillers have come Sandalwood’s way in recent times and Pawan Trivikram’s STRIKER, which is releasing this Friday has been creating buzz for the much-liked genre. Starring Praveen Tej and Saurav Lokesh, STRIKER is all set to put the red coin into the pocket this weekend. On that note, here are 7 reasons why you must head to the theatres to watch this thriller.

1. Dream-Reality Confusion

Who wouldn’t you want to get brain bashed once in a while? Lucia did that to us with a similar genre a few years ago and a different Pawan is now set out to dish out a version of his own this weekend. With the trailer promising a healthy dose of distortion, STRIKER has enough promise to bash the Box-Office.

2. Pawan Trivikram

The debutante could have not been named better to start his career as a director. Be it our very own Pawan Kumar or Tollywood’s Trivikram Srinivas, our newbie has shown enough skills with the trailer to stand amidst the legendary filmmakers.

3. Praveen Tej

This guy has been toiling hard in the industry for a few years now. He is out with a better physique now and his impressive choice of scripts would definitely prolong with a unique subject in STRIKER

4. “New-Age” Actors

It’s Sandalwood’s turn to contribute to the growing bandwagon of New Age actors in India and STRIKER has not one but two probable candidates. While Praveen Tej is just a few miles away from his destination, proven baddie Bhajrangi Loki could be the next big thing in Gandhinagar.

5. The reality-show connect

Praveen Tej and Shilpa Manjunath are popular to the people of Karnataka with their stints on television. This medium has produced a bundle of talent to the big screen before and Praveen-Shilpa duo have already put one step into this elite company

6. The actors across the table

As seen in various visuals from the movie, Loki plays a police offer who investigates Praveen for a crime. It would be a feast watching both these powerhouse performers showcasing their talent together on screen

7. Love amidst the ruins

Romance always takes a backseat in this complex genre but STRIKER promises a cute love story in it. The lead couple has their own arcs to endure in this confusion between dream and reality.

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