Striker Movie Review {3.5/5}

After ‘Lucia’ there haven’t been any good movies that revolves around dream and reality, ‘Stricker’ stricks the right chord here to make an interesting mystery thriller movie, holding a permanent disability of the lead actor as his greatest enemy.

Even the Murder- Mystery thrillers have become quite common in the industry, Stricker gives you a fresh plot some of which that haven’t been explored yet. The acting of the lead actor, the ChuriKatte fame Praveen Tej is a big positive to the film as he is completely involved himself into the role. As the screen play of the film is the real hero, director Pawan Thrivikram has done a great job, yes, Striker is his directorial debut film.

The first half seems quite ordinary, but the second half paceses up giving you an edge-of-the-seat thriller that keeps you intrigued.

The music and BGM by Bharath BJ is also really good and goes perfectly with the flow of the film. On the whole, Stricker is a worth watch film for your weekend.

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