7 Ingredients Of A Successful Film In Pawan Trivikram’s STRIKER

Sandalwood has been abuzz with this weekend ‘s release STRIKER. With an interesting trailer and catchy music, the movie is making the right noise and looks set to become the first low-budget hit this year in Sandalwood. That being said, here are 7 reasons why STRIKER is a must-watch movie this Friday.

1. Interesting Concept

The thin line between dreams and reality has been less expiremented in cinema and in Sandalwood, not many movies have come out in this genre. With STRIKER, this concept would be presented in a new version from an exciting team.

2. Visuals

Attaining a quality output is always a difficult job with a stringent budget. However, as seen in the visuals from the trailer, STRIKER promises to be a visual wonder which would complement the novel storyline of the movie.

3. Catchy title

Not one clue has been out regarding the connection between the title of the film and the story. Hence, we can expect a surprise as to how the catchy title of STRIKER would be relevant in the movie.

4. The lead couple

Praveen Tej and Shilpa Manjunath have show great chemistry in the released visuals and the highly talented duo are expected to trigger a lot of emotions within us on Friday.

5. Bhajrangi Loki

Bhajrangi Loki is yet to be fully utilized by Sandalwood filmmakers and the handsome baddie has an interesting role to play in this movie as a police officer. Loki could well be the most sought after actor after the release of STRIKER.

6. Red & Black Theme

Very few Kannada movies have adopted a color pattern in their movies. However, STRIKER could well start the trend as the movie has interestingly gone ahead with the red and black theme. How it is related to the narrative, we have to wait till Friday for the answer.

7. New Team

STRIKER is a movie made by relative newcomers who have already impressed with the visuals and the music. With Sandalwood slowly encouraging more newbies, this team has all the chances to strike gold at the box-office.

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