This Is Why ‘Ondh Kathe Hella’ movie turns out to be a special film for Sandalwood!

Ever since the release of the trailer of the film ‘Odnu Kathe Hella,’ the film has created a new buzz in and outside the industry. A very unique and yet a very interesting way of just making the trailer has caught the attention of the people and the expectation towards the film is well increasing as the release date of the film is nearing.

Here are a few thoughts on why Ondu Kthe Hella movie stands out as a special film for Sandalwood.

Every week new films from new teams come up on the big screen and a very few of them manage to get attention of the people, but this film ‘ Ondu Kathe Hella’ has already managed to get some, even before its release and it is a dream start to a team that is trying to bring something new to the industry.

Ondu Kathe Hella is a horror anthology film, which is one of the genres that is tried for the first time in South India. ‘Anthology’ basically means a film with many different small stories combined in a single film and the pride of Karnataka ‘Puttanna Kanagal’ was the first to try this in our industry with his ‘Katha Samgama,’ which has become a cult classic today. But this Anthology film in the genre of Horror is something which was never explored in the industry and this new team has taken up that job on their shoulders and we hope they’ve succeeded.

Many directors come up with new dreams and new ambitions but fail to get the support of the producers to put life into that dream, but director Girish G’s dream wasn’t stopped by this problem. Ondu Kathe Hella is a crowd funded film which is funded by almost 22 investors. I really appreciate these people who have believed in the dreams and ambitions of Girish and his team.

On the whole Ondu Kathe Hella is an exploration through the path that has been never walked into before and thus stands in a special place for the Kannada film industry, it is now our job to hold the lights high and make the path clear, so that the exploration that they have started becomes successful by supporting this film in all means possible.

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