6 Super Cool Reasons Why You Should Watch Chemistry Of Kariyappa

It’s a well known saying that ‘Its hard to make people laugh than to make them cry through films,’ and its exactly true as we can find many films that come out to the big screens in the hope of making it big by making people laugh, but end up in the back seat within a week. It had been a very long time since Sandalwood had a good comedy films and luckily one of yesterday’s (Feb 15th) release, “Chemistry of Kariyappa,” fills the void that the other films had left out.

The star cast of the film

This film boasts itself with a very sound star cast who are highly talented such as Suchendra Prasad, Tabla Nani and Hanumanthe Gowda. It will surely be a treat to watch these artists on the big screen.

The story and content of the film

The film team have disclosed that the story of the film is based on a real incident and has a message to the viewers with a dose of comedy mixed with it.

The film has been already featured in the IMDb website

The film ‘Chemistry of Kariyappa’ is the only film apart from KGF to be featuring in the IMBD website in the list of top films of recent times. It has secured a 4th place in the all over India’s film list.

Chandan Achar in the lead

After Kirik Party this highly talented actor has come back and now in the main lead. He ad made us fall in love with that small character he had got there and people are quite exited to see what he is capable of, and I think he has utilized the platform is a platform very neatly to showcase his real talent.

The trailer and the songs

From the day the trailer of the film was released, the film is making a lot of buzz in the social media and with a few short clips which showcase the witty way of dialogue writing is already running around in YouTube. The songs that are released are pretty good.

A good comedy film after a long time

Its been a really long time since we got a good comedy film in Kannada and trust me, this is a good entertainer with a beautiful message in the end that you will carry even after you leave the theatres.

On the whole “Chemistry of Kariyappa”, is a well-crafted Comedy film with a message to the society which you would regret if you miss it watch it in the theatres.

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