Reasons Why The Wait For Bell Bottom Will Be Worth It

Everybody’s been enthusiastically talking about the upcoming film, Bell Bottom, a retro, mystery-filled thriller that is ironically said to be ahead of its time. If you haven’t heard about it yet, here are the reasons why you should prepare to watch it as soon as it rolls out in the nearest theatre on February 15:

The Suspense

If you’ve come across the recently released trailer, then you must already be on your tiptoes waiting for the actual release. Personally, I feel it really wasn’t fair of them to leave us on a cliff-hanger that tense.

The Balance

This movie definitely has all the different genres mixed in exactly the right ratio. So if you’re a fan of humour, mystery, or romance, this movie has it all, and more. It even deals with a lot of situations more realistically than most films, which in a world obsessed with faux reality, is beyond refreshing.




The lead actress, Hariprriya, claims that her role in the movie is more than just a background act, as it usually always is with the female characters. She’s delighted to have her character be in par with the lead male’s, and since she has already worked with Jayatheertha and Rishab, you can be sure that most of the emotions and acting have come naturally.


Even before its release, Bell Bottom has taken the world by storm with its promised hype. The movie has already been sold for a Tamil remake, whose release is not far down the line after the original comes out.

If you want additional encouragement to catch the movie, know that tickets are now available on BookMyShow! So really, what are you waiting for?

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