Bell Bottom Movie Review {3.5/5}: ‘An incidence of 80’s back to you from an hardcore detective’

Sandalwood brings to us an exciting comedy-crime-thriller “Bell Bottom,” – clubbing the most promising’ director and actor, who’s expectations have always been withheld high and towering the industry!

The story revolves around Rishabh shetty – who plays – “Divakara” – a chucklesome detective aspirant. Having born to a police constable ( Achyuth Kumar) he is been unwillingly persuaded to be a member of police department. He is challenged by his own father to – ‘at the least’ – be posted as a constable, in which the latter is disinterested.

Surprisingly, on his journey of being a police constable he gets to forecome a series of cases through which he opportunizes himself to be an hardcore detective.
Unanticipated Divakara gets to solve a murder case and is victorious in nabbing the killer. This helps him gain the trust of his superior (Pramod Shetty).

On the other hand the entire police station department in and around Hemagiri, is caught in an embarrassing situation – where valuables goes missing simultaneously – and is assigned to unravel the confusion – the story revolves around how he solves the case.

Haripriya (heroine) – plays – “Kusuma” – a non-glamour role who is portrayed as a mettlesome, brave character – who is a bootlegger selling hooch – she reposefully owns the character!

Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty, Prakash buttress their roles in the film.
Yogaraj Bhat and Shivamani – seen in cameos.

As its said – “When words fail music speaks” – Ajaneesh Lokanth – music director has dispatched 80’s feel with memorable songs.
Pick of the album – “Yethake bogase thumba” – brings us powerfully evocative lyrics.

Costume designer – Pragathi Rishabh Shetty has brought in RETROGRESSIVE FASHION!

Art director – Dharani gangeputhra successfully proffers 80’s retro-feel to the movie which is reminiscent!

Visual appeal – captivating!

Overall “Bell Bottom” – belongs to one of those genres of comedy-crime-thriller which holds special place among the family audiences. They promote intense excitement, suspense, and entertainment. As a good movie makes the audience feel like they have journeyed with the characters – at the end of the day it’s got to be a feel good movie – and , will make people think – “Hey, I couldn’t have spent my time anybetter”.

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