‘Bazaar’ Kannada Movie Review {3.5/5} : A Refreshing, Intense And Amazing Watch!

Yet again Suni has become a go to man if you want to introduce a hero to the industry and introducing Dhanveer as a mass hero has worked quite well. ‘Bazaar’ as shown in the trailers runs around the story of pigeon race and a parallel love story runs, Suni has managed to balance both the story line pretty well.

The first half of the film is really interesting with each scene building the story with very interesting events but as the story moves forward into the second half, it starts to lag which needed to be worked upon. Apart from that, the story line is really good and the screen play is the positive aspect of the film.

Coming to the acting part of the film, both the lead actors have given justice to their roles and Dhanveer has manged to do pretty well in the action sequences, but falls short of expressions in the emotional episodes. The cinematography is natural and quite good, Ravi Bassur yet again has proved that he is one of the best in the industry with his BGM and songs. The editing part was a bit on the negative side as the transition wasn’t so good in a few places and even the use of VFX was not up to the mark.

Over all the movie is a mass entertainer and Suni has given us a much different film than his other films and surely is worth watching once.

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