Reasons Why Every Movie Lover Should Not Miss “Anukta” Movie At Any Cost!

“Anukta” which translates as unexpressed in English, is the new film that is coming to the theatres on February 1st and the new film with a new team has manged to create some expectations around the film just through its trailer and some songs.

Here are a few reasons which we thought might take you to theatres at the earliest.

The trailer is quite interesting.

The trailer of the film gives a sense of type of the work that has gone through to make this film, even though one can guess the story line through the trailer, I wish the film has something more to offer which may make out guessing wrong.

A good suspense thriller.

Suspense thriller is a genre that has become quite common in the industry after the success of Rangitaranga, but we haven’t got a good proper suspense thriller movie after Rangitaranga and we think that this film has everything to reach that level.

The songs of the film.

The jukebox of the film was released through PRK Audio and Nobin Paul has just created magic through his compositions. The song ‘Ee Saniha’ has already become a hit song, trending on social media.

This film may be the next ‘Rangitaranga’?

Since the trailer release, a talk is floating in the air, which says, the film has all the potential to become the next Rangitaranga and we all do hope that it becomes so or even far more than that.

It’s a sincere effort of a new team.

Ashwath Samuel is debuting to the industry as writer and director through Anukta and the whole team comprises of new faces with just a few old actors like Sampath Raj, Sangeeta Bhat and Anu Prabhakar.

Now it is in our hands to support these new talents emerging in the industry and show the upcoming artists that even they have the liberty to show their creativity through their films. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now in your nearest theatres and do let us know how the film was.

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