Anukta Movie Review {3.5/5} : A One Time Watchable Decent Suspense Thriller Movie

The movie Anukta revolves around the murder investigation and about a haunted house set in the South Canara region. The first half of the film deals with horror and the second half with the suspense thriller and the director- Ashwath Samuel has done a great job in balancing both these aspects very beautifully.

The songs by Nobin Paul are already a hit and they’re so refreshing and soothing. The re-recording work is done brilliantly and the BGM by Nobin is top-notch, enhances your watching experience to the next level. Cinematography is done very beautifully and use of natural lighting and the night shots are brilliantly captured.

The way story picks up in the second half is beautifully written and yet you may feel the story line has fallen a bit flat. A little more work on the screen play could have taken the film into greater heights. Yet, one doesn’t feel bored in part of the film from the start to the end, a thumbs up for the director.

On the whole Anukta is a well crafted film that delivers what it had promised to and if you are a lover of this genre then you’ll definitely love the film.

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