8 Years For ‘Super’ : 10 Things This Uppi starrer Blockbuster Taught Us Apart From The Concept Of Dream India

It’s already 8 years for the film super and it has taught us something more than just the concept of dream India. After over a decade or so, Uppi had come back as a director and as always he just blew our mind away with his film ‘Super’. Here are the few things that the film taught us other than the concept of dream India.

Not to get deceived by appearance

In the film Nayantara comes as a country girl to take revenge on Uppi for her sister’s condition, here he shows that all that glitters is not gold.

Condition of real India

While we are still dreaming of a super powered India, Uppi showed us the problem that India from the root level and how its very difficult to change its condition.

Privatisation can be a solution

As in the end we find out that Subhash sell the whole state and does a 100% privatisation, even though it may not be fully practical, but still he showed that it can be a part of the solution.

Love towards the country

He showed us that even though how rich you may be, or whichever country you may go still your love towards the nation should be the same.

Running away isn’t the solution

In the film Subhash’s father tells him that there is no use trying to help this country prosper and that is why he had left the country and gone to London, and most of the NRI’s who are abroad think of the nation as the same way. He showed us that rather than complaining and running away it is better to stay and help.

Scenario in the government offices

Source: Idlebrain

He showed how the system here is so much corrupted and it should be changed from its root itself.

Actual condition of the public

He openly showed us that the Indian public has all the time to gather around if anything is happening but none has the time come out help.

How the dirty politics works

He should us exactly how these MLA’S are brought and sold like horses in the market and we can see that happen even today.

There are a thousand other things that you can take from that film and is one of the gem of a film that Uppi has given us. Do let us know what did you take from the film in our comments section.

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