07 reasons to watch Simple Suni’s Bazaar, starring Dhanveer and Aditi Prabhudeva

After Operation Alemelamma and #Chamak which were released one after the other shortly, we had to wait almost a year to see Director-Writer Suni’s work on the big screens. With the type of response Bazaar is getting for its trailer and songs, we can say that Suni has once again managed to come back with a bang.

Here are a few reasons that we felt that will make you go to the theatres on the first day.

Simple Suni

After his film ‘Simple Agondh Love Story,’ he bagged the name as Simple Suni, but his works are extraordinary. So, do we need a better reason than Suni himself to watch this film!?

Ravi Basrur

Very shortly this man has become a talk of the town and we all know the magic that he has created with his work in KGF, maybe we may have to wait for KGF chapter 2 for another year or two, but on a happier note we still get to hear the amazing work of Ravi Basur in Bazaar.

The new comer Dhanveer

This boy has already created a buzz in the industry with just a few glimpse that we have seen in the teaser, trailer and we are pretty sure that he is here to grow big.

Suni’s attempt with Mass

Suni has given us a lot of different genres of films and we have loved them all. But for the first time he has decided to do a mass film and we are sure that he won’t disappoint us even this time. So, all the Mass film lovers get ready to whistle till the roofs go off.

Completely written by Suni himself.

After Operation Alemelamma, Suni is back with him being the sole writer of the film and we can expect some of his signature style, mind provoking dialogues too.

New concept to look out for.

When the first poster of the film was released, I was wondering that this film had something to with pigeons and in the trailer they have clearly shown us that the story revolves around the pigeon racing contest and that is something new for Sandalwood.

Seeing Suni’s work after a long time.

As I said earlier, Suni is back after almost a year and all the fans who were out there waiting for this film, it’s finally time to go into theatres on February 1 and experience Suni’s best treat.

These were the few reasons that we thought would want you to go to the theatres to watch Bazaar, if you are Suni’s fan or a Mass film Fan or even just a fan of good films, I think that is more than enough to book your tickets as the bookings are open now.

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