Undeniable Reasons Why ‘Prashanth Neel’ Is Loved By Fans So Much!

“He came, he saw, he conquered,” well, for whom does this phrase aptly suite other than our own Prashanth Neel. With his only second film crossed 200Cr club, while the whole industry hadn’t had a 100Cr club yet and that I would like to call it conquering. And a big thanks not just Prashanth Neel, but also Yash and Vijay Kiragundoor who believed in him. Ok, let us keep all the numbers a side and let us talk about Prashanth as a Film Maker.

Here are the reasons why he is loved by is fans so much, when I say fans I refer to those have been his fan ever since Ugramm.

The story

This is the soul of any movie and this what most of the movies lack these days and the importance he gives to the structure of the story is really admirable.

Mass with a classy touch

He showed the industry that for a mass film to become a hit he doesn’t need any stars, (let me remind you that when Ugramm was made Sri Murali was no Roaring Star and was in verge of ending his career).


If the story is the backbone of the film then Characterisation is the back bone of the story. Even though Neel’s films have a lot of characters in them, each one has a role to play and each one is built uniquely.

The way of storytelling

Usually his films have a lot of back stories and he manages to keep us on the edge of seats throughout the film.

The dedication towards filmmaking

When most of the film makers complain with the lack of content and go on making remakes of other films, there are people like Neel who work for years for a proper content and then make films. Something the film makers have to learn.

Having a vision

Not all dream so big such that it seems impossible and yet they work towards it and make it possible and Neel is one such man.

The music

Even though it was Ravi Basrur who did the magic every time, but in choosing the correct type music and songs and in part of their placement Neel has always done a great job.

These were the few reason which we thought why every fan loved Prashanth Neel, and do let us know what made you become Neel’s fan in our comments section.

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