Here’s A Few Interesting Information About “KGF – Chapter 2”

Day after day the movie KGF is already breaking records and creating new ones and indeed the movie as expected has become the pride of every Kannadiga. With still the wave of Chapter going on there has already some news about Chapter 2 in the industry. Here is the list of information that we have known so far about KGF – Chapter 2.

Sanjay Dutt to play a vital role??

There has been news that Sanjay Dutt is to play the role of the main villain in Chapter 2 and it is said he has agreed to do the role and has taken the script to get accustomed to the role, as usually characters written by Prashanth Neel are quite dark.

Part of the shooting is done

Yash himself has openly told that 10-15% of the shooting is completed along with chapter 1 shooting itself.

Shooting to start in 3 months

As Neel’s family is on vacation and Neel himself has taken a 3 month leave from shooting, it is said that the shooting will resume in 3 months.

Shooting to be done in summer

As in the shooting of chapter 1 a lot of problems were faced due to rain and storm, the team has decided to do the shooting in summer when the rains and wind will be quite low.

Same technicians to follow

As the technicians were all praised so dearly by the critics and the audience, I don’t think there is any need to change the squad.

Anyway we may witness the sequel of the movie by 2020 and hope the chapter 2 breaks all the records that the chapter 1 has created till now and will create in the future.

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