Birbal Movie Review [3/5] : A Kannada Film Made Like An Hollywood Thriller That Holds Your Attention

‘Birbal Trilogy – Case No. 1: Finding Vajramuni’, as unique as the title is, the makers of this film have tried to give a unique film in their own way. But the question is, ‘have they succeeded in that’. Well, you have to watch the film to get the answer.

As shown in the trailer itself, the whole film resolves around the investigation of a murder, for which an innocent man has been framed. And it is a new try by the team to show the different layers of investigation uniquely. The RJ turned Director turned Actor – Srinivas, has done a pretty good job in both the departments that he has been involved in. The cinematography is quite good and the colouring of the film is brilliantly done and very well graded. The investigation is showed using 4 dimensions and the story is pretty well framed.

Even though there are quite a few area where in the film makers could have worked a little more and little less. The length of the film could have been a little less, cutting down in the first half and even in the second half would have been great. A little more work could have been gone into the screenplay as in some areas the film fails to carry us together with the story. Too much work has been gone into working of Dialogues and that has become a negative aspect for the film as in some areas the dialogues seem too dramatic to the situation.

Overall it is a pretty good film compared to the other films that have been moving around, and somewhere we may feel that the film may not have been stood up to the expectations it had created through its trailer. But it sure is an entertainer and good for a one time watch, do go to your nearest theatres and watch the movie and don’t forget to let us know your opinions too.

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