Reasons Why Every Movie Lover Should Not Miss “Bhoota Kaala” Movie!

Every week we find new films releasing and every week a new team coming up to show case their piece of work. And we are in that phase that even with huge star cast, the film will fail without good content and films with new face do good if they have good content. And one such film whose trailer I came across was “Bhootha Kaala”.

The trailer of this film seemed interesting, yet I had no clue about the story which makes the trailer special. The film mostly is a horror or a mystery thriller one which has something to do with the time as the name of the film suggests.

Noting much can be told about the screenplay and direction as trailer don’t really give us anything. But, the cinematography by Siju K Josh has done a great job in some of the shots, especially in low light episodes. The editing part was pretty clean and hope it continues through out the film. Even the background music syncs with the scenes and hope they have not spoilt it with same repeated BGM.

Nothing much can be told about the acting part now only, but as far as the trailer is concerned, the acting by lead actors seems pretty good.

On the whole I hope this film makes big in the box office and hope to keep up the expectations. And, everyone please watch the trailer and requesting you all to watch the film in your nearest theatres, as the film is releasing across Karnataka on February 1. Do support the team and help Sandalwood grow big!

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