The Best Films Of 2018: Kannada Cinema That Dazzled Us Last Year

We’re right now in the first week of 2019 and its time to finally look back and see what the industry has given us last year and how the audience have reacted to the films that have come in 2018. So, here are the names of the top films of sandalwood of the year 2018.


Of course its KGF and its not only the blockbuster of the year but it’s the blockbuster of the industry of all times, grossing over 100crores in just 5 days the film has already broken several records will surly continue to do so in the coming days.


The film deserves to be in the top and has already crossed 25 weeks, Suri yet again showed that he is the best in the business by giving yet another hit.


Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale, Kasargodu. For me this is the hit film of the year. Rishab Shetty has just created magic with little ones and to be frank its really difficult to make a commercial film with just children in it and Rishab Shetty has done a great job in it.


A decent entertainer that crossed 100 days, even though I dint like the movie much but it had everything that commercial film needed to have with a good story line which most of the films lack now a days.

Rambo 2

It was a pretty decent comedy film that has declared a hit but still we don’t know still how many films of Sharan we have to see the same name of his previous films.


The film that got the attention of everybody, a new team with a debutant director and actor, yet managed to give a hit. Now that requires some serious talent out there. Kudoos to their whole team.

Ambi Ninge Vayasytho

A prefect farewell for Ambi Anna and only if we new that this was last time we would see him in the big screen as the main lead. Even though the film was a remake, but still it needs our appreciation for the effort the team has out to bring out such a film.

Ondalla Eradalla

The team which gave us the classic movie ‘Rama Rama Re’ were back with the film Ondalla Eradalla and they showed us that this team has some serious talent and it is in our hands to help them grow.

These were the top films of 2018 and here are a few films that even though haven’t done well in the box office but was a really good attempt by the team in bringing those films. Hebettu Rammakka, Jeerjimbe, Katheyondu Shuruvagide are the few which needed much more love than what they received by the audience.

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