7 Times We Wished That We Had Characters From Kannada Films As Our Real Family

Films aren’t just a time pass or a source of entertainment, for a few it’s a source of inspiration and a few search for emotions that the find it hard to search in real life. Some characters in the film make us laugh and some make us cry and there are a very few characters that stay with us through out.

Here are a few such characters that everyone wished were a part of their family.

Rajendra Ponnapa (Played by Ravichadran from the film Drishya)

Every father is a hero of his family, of course not the type of heroes the films shows us but a hero of his own kind. Always protecting his family like a secret angel, fulfilling your needs even before you ask and if the circumstance arise he would not think twice to become Rajendra Ponnappa.

Shankru (Played by Dr. Vishnuvardhan in the film Yajamana)

This film being one of the ever green film of the industry, this character of Shankru is also as ever green as the film and everyone deep inside wishes that he/she has a brother like Shankru who could stand in their father’s place.

Uthappa ( Played by Prakash Raj in the film Naanu Nanna Kanasu)

Father is the first super hero of every girl, and as shown in the film every girl will surely wish she had a father like Uthappa.

Shivanna (Played by Shivraj Kumar in the film Thavarige Baa Thangi)

After watching Shivanna and Radhika Kumaraswamy combo on the screen, every girl wishes to have a brother like Shivanna.

Rajashekar Aras (Played by Ananth Nag in the film Aramane)

Every one love their grand parents with all the heart, while some of them are not as fortunate as the rest of them to be their grandparents, and a few still stay away from them due some problems. In fact, everyone will always wish that they had grandparent like Rajashekar who would strive hard to unite their family again and live together thereafter.

Sathyamurthy (Played by Dr. Vishnuvardhan in the film Suryavamsha)

Every wife will wish to have a husband like Sathyamurthy who will not only let her persue her dreams but also stand by her side as her backbone and help her achieve her goal.

Agasthya (Played by Srii Murali in the film Ugramm)

Sometimes our friends become more than just family and we all wish we had a friend like Agasthya who could stand by our side, even if it is meant to face the whole world on the other side.

These were some of the characters that we felt everyone wished to have them in their family and surely we have missed many, do let us know whom do you wish to have in your family.

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