Why Jains Don’t Eat Onion And Garlic? The Reason Will Make You Respect Them!

Jainism is one of the ancient religion of the world. It’s indeed one of the peaceful religion too. Like every religions’ food culture, Jainism too has! That is, to avoid certain foods! But why? It has three reasons.

01. Underground Vegetables

Onion, Garlic, Potato, Carrot, etc are grown underground. Due to the absence of sunlight, there are more microorganisms than veggies. If Jains consume these underground vegetables, they believe that knowingly or unknowingly they’ll be eating a life and creating violence. Infact, Jains avoid even smallest form of violence, hence they don’t eat underground vegetables.

02. Destruction of lives!

Next reason is that, since plants grow underground, to take them off, you’ve to destroy the entire plant, which is nothing but killing lives. This practice is against their rituals!

Meanwhile, when you eat other fruits / vegetables you just pluck that part and spare whole plant / tree.

03. All these are Tamasic food!

Tamasic is heavy, spicy and pungent food. It causes anger, and desires in human beings. The same has been said in other religions too and even in nutrition science. Jainism is all about giving up emotions and desires of the world. To keep up the consciousness and focus of mind, Jains say NO to Tamasic food. They eat Saatvik food, which is light and keeps brain and body alert and active.

We truly admire the strict disciplines of Jains and all their principles of non-violence.

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