09 Undeniable Reasons Why Dr. Rajkumar Is Loved By Fans So Much

Nata Saarvabhouma, Vara Nata, Bhangarda Munushya, Rajanna and a hundred more to go, yes we are talking about the legend who once walked through these lands and still continue to walk through our hearts even toaday. Dr. Rajkumar, just the name has its own magnitude, not only in the film industry but also through out the nation. Here are a few reasons that we thought why he was so very loved by his fans.

1. Of course his acting

Dr. Rajkumar
Coming from a theatrical background and being in that field since from his childhood, had given a vast knowledge and experience about acting and his films speaks his calibre in that field.

2. Character involvement

Dr. Rajkumar
You are not an actor if you can not get into the character and live the character that you play. I remember a scenario that was told to me, Annavru was shooting in Kashmir for a song where he was supposed to play a devotee seeking lord kirshna and the directors insisted him to where shoes and play the character as they weren’t shooting below his knees and the place was freaking cold covered with snow, but Rajkumar refused as the character was not supposed to where shoes in that part, such was the involvement of the legend.

3. A perfect role model

Dr. Rajkumar
He was a perfect role model to his fans, it is said that he refused to smoke a cigarette for a scene saying that he doesn’t want his fans to be encouraged by this for smoking.

4. Love towards his motherland

Dr. Rajkumar
Even though he had a thousand chances to enter into politics he did not want to get into that dirty business, but that didn’t stop him from serving his motherland, he started a movement regarding making Kannada compulsory in schools and the verdict was famously known as Gokak Vardhi.

5. The man who saw god in his fans

Dr. Rajkumar
He believed that what ever he has become is all because of his fans and he kept his fans next to the gods he worshiped.

6. Quality of the films that he chose.

Dr. Rajkumar
Even today we find our parents complain about the type of films that are being made today and that is because it was time when these legends where building the industry our parents saw the films and no doubt they are unsatisfied with every film that comes now.

7. The golden era

Dr. Rajkumar
The time when the whole nation turned towards Kannada Film Industry for the type of films that were made and he is also one the persons who worked towards that. It surely pains when our films go unnoticed even in our neighbouring states today.

8. His modesty

Dr. Rajkumar
Even though he had such a fan following and he was such a star, he was always humble and down to earth to the people around him, maybe this is what made him the man we remember today.

9. For the human he was

Dr. Rajkumar
Apart from all the above traits, first and foremost he was a good human being and that made him the legend he is today.
These were the very few of the many things that made fans to love the legendary actor, do let us know why you love Rajanna so much in our comment section.

Image Courtesy: chiloka.com, Google Images

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