12 Sandalwood Films That Had The Longest Run At The Theaters!

Kannada audiences and their adoration for movies are undescribable and that is likely why the audiences wouldn’t fret watching films more than once. Here we present to you a list of 12 longest running Sandalwood films at the theaters.

1. Milana – 500 Days

Puneeth RajKumar ft. Milana saw massive commercial success and completed a 500-day run in theatres.

2. Mungaru Male – 865 Days

Golden Star Ganesh starrer, Yograj Bhatt directorial blockbuster hit Mungaru Male is the first ever film in India to hold the record for the longest-running film at a multiplex. The film collected an estimated sum of ₹50 – ₹75Cr at the box-office.

3. Apthamitra – 1 Year

One of the best horror film in the history of Kannada Cinema, Apthamitra ran for one year in the main theaters across Karnataka. This was actress Soundarya’s last film.

4. Yajamana – 1 Year

The evergreen cinema in the cine career of Sahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Yajamana saw a year-long run in Mysore, 300 days in Mangalore, 250 days in Mandya and 25 weeks in 23 centres of Karnataka.

5. Janumada Jodi – 1 Year

Shiva Rajkumar starrer Janumada Jodi was a massive hit film of that time, ran for more than a year across Karnataka. It is a 1996 film directed by T.S Nagabharana and was based on a novel Malela Jeev, written by Pannalal Patel.

6. Jeevana Chaitra – 52 Weeks

Dorai — Bhagavan directorial, Dr. Rajkumar and Madhavi starrer evergreen blockbuster film Jeevana Chaitra saw a theatrical run of 52 weeks. The film marked the re-entry of Dr. Rajkumar in films after a hiatus of 3 years and the film was highly successful at the box office.

7. Nanjundi Kalyana – 75 Weeks

Romantic comedy entertainer Nanjundi Kalyana ft. Raghavendra Rajkumar and Malashri saw a theatrical run of 75 weeks. The film was a major blockbuster and was one among the biggest grossing Kannada films of 1989.

8. Prema Loka – 1 Year

All time musical blockbuster film Prema Loka saw a theatrical run of 1 year across Karnataka. Infact, the film was initially a flop, with negative reviews, but, after positive word-of-mouth and repeat audiences, it ultimately grossed over nine times its budget. The film marked directorial debut of V. Ravichandran.

9. Anuraga Aralitu – 50 Weeks

Dr. Rajkumar along with Madhavi, Geetha and Pandari Bai starrer Anuraga Aralitu saw a theatrical run of 50 weeks. The film was highly successful at the box office. This 1986 film was based on a Kannada Novel Anuragada Anthapura written by H. G. Radhadevi.

10. Shankar Guru – 1 Year

One of the best Kannada films of the 1970s, Shankar Guru witnessed a theatrical run of 1 year across Karnataka. The film was considered as a milestone in the career of Dr. Rajkumar. Rajkumar appeared in a triple role in this film.

11. Bangarada Manushya – 2 Years

A milestone in Rajkumar’s career, Bangarada Manushya saw a theatrical run of 2 years with a tremendous impact on moviegoers. The film inspired some city youth to return to one’s ancestral village, and to take-up agriculture. This 1972 blockbuster film is based on T. K. Rama Rao’s novel. Bangarada Manushya is the longest running Kannada movies of all time.

12. OM – Re-released for 632 times

A cult classic film in Kannada cinema, OM, directed by Upendra ft. Shivanna has a world record for Kannada films of re-releasing more than 600 times. The film is also a successful venture at the box office. The major speciality of the film is that, the real life gangsters Bekkina Kannu Rajendra, Tanveer, Korangu Krishna, Jedaralli Krishnappa portrayed supporting roles in the film.

Courtesy: wikipedia

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