KGF Movie Review: A Powerful Film From A Powerful Team

December 21st 2018, the day to be remembered by every Kannada film fan because today is the day when the whole country is applauding the efforts that has been put to make the film “KGF”. Some films are made for the sake of making money and some films to tell you a story whereas some films to spread a hidden message. But some films are made to celebrate and this is one such film, and hats off to team for making it possible.

Most of you have been waiting for this film from the last 2 years but there are a few like me who has been waiting for this film from last 4 years after seeing the magic what Prashanth Neel had done in Ugram and to all the hype that it had created, it has stood strong by delivering what they had promised to.


Coming to review part, there is noting much to say as this is a type of film that you need enjoy in a theatre and not by just reading reviews about it. The acting of Yash, as always he gives justice to his character and I heard a few talks telling that, he is completely angry throughout the film and that could have changed, but I believe the character development was in such a way that it needed that kind of attitude. The real show stealers are the ones who played the Villains and you will just fall in love with the acting of Raam. The debutant Srinidhi Shetty is elegant and beautiful and rightly fits into the role that she plays. And as always the veteran actors such as Ananth Nag, Achyuth Kumar, Malvika, all of them have given a great performance.

The real heroes of the film are Prashanth Neel, Bhuvan Gowda, Ravi Bassur, Srikanth (Editor) and ShivaKumar (Art director), their dedication and hard work can be seen in each and every frame. There were some negative talks about the cinematography in some areas as visuals were not visible, but being an aspiring filmmaker myself, I just enjoyed every episode and knowing the fact that most of the night scenes were shot with natural light of fire, which made me appreciate the shots much more.

A special thanks should go to Vijay Kiraganduru and his team of Hombale films for believing in the technicians and invest such a huge money in making this film.

What are you guys waiting for? Grab the next ticket that is available and just get lost into the world of Rocky. Do let us know what did you feel if you’ve already watched the movie.

— Sharath Byloli

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