The Top 10 Things Indians Searched For In 2018, Revealed By Google

Ondu simple word’du spelling yenadru namge gottagde hodre naav yen maadteevi heli? I again repeat, a simple word! Yes, definitely we’ll Google it! I admit, I’ve done it too. But, namm paristiti yelli tanaka bandide anta imagine maadkoli. Nowadays, Google has become a part of our life and we’re used to it.

Aa Vishya bidi, I’ll tell you something interesting. Every year-end alli Google India comes out with a list of most trending topics. Even this year Google India has released the list! Let’s check it out!

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1. How To Send Stickers On WhatsApp

2. How To Link Aadhar With Mobile Number

3. How To Make Rangoli

4. How To Port Mobile Number

5. How To Invest In Bitcoin

6. How To Invest In Ayushman Bharat Yojana

7. How To Remove Holi Colour From Face

8. How To Check 10th Result 2018

9. How To Solve Rubik’s Cube

10. How To Check Name In NRC Assam

Have you ever searched for anyone out of these 10?

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