Looking For A Job? Here’s A Job That Will Pay ₹72 Lakhs Yearly To Travel

Naav job hudkovaaga usually salary bagge worry madodikkinta munche devara hatra bedkollodu life na enjoy maadovanta job sigli anta. But, fortunately best salary + best job ottige sikkiddre?? Yen magaa laddu bandu bai’g bittaa??

Jaasti confuse maadodilla, direct aagi matter’ge barteeni. Today I’m going to tell you about a job opportunity which will take you to places and pays you ₹72Lacs per annum! Ellappa, naan tamaashe maadtaane illa!

A UK based millionaire’s family will be travelling to Europe, America and South America. So, evru travel madtirovaga avra photos na capture maadoke obba enthusiastic photographer na huduktiddarante. The right candidate will travel in free, will get free accommodation and food plus a salary of ₹72Lacs yearly.

So, nimgenaadru ee kelagiro qualifications iddre, sumne apply maadi. Apply maadoke enaagbeku, alwa? But, select aagi, salary sikkre nange atleast 1Lac kodoke mareebedi.

What are the requirements?

• The candidate must love ttravelling.

• Thecandidate should be available on short notice for at least 3 months a time.

• The candidate will need to work for around 10 hours a day.

• The candidate should have 5 years of experience in lifestyle photography.

• Job requirement is for 1 year and 30-day leave is fine including full sick pay.

How can I apply?

You have to visit Perfocal, you should fill your details and upload the portfolio. Then sit back and relax! If you’re the right candidate, they will get back to you.

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