What Makes Bengaluru The Best City To Live In India? Here Are The Reasons..

Naav Kannadigaru life alli yenaadru achieve madbeku anta decide maadidre nammge nenpaagode “Namma Bengaluru”. Ee Bengaluru’nalli neev yenenide anta kelo badalu yenilla anta keli. Nammavru, bereyavru anno bedha bhaava ellade yeshto janarige hosa jeevana kottide ee Bengaluru!

Naan heliro first statement na observe maadi. Aa statement nija anta nimge annsbahudu, but yaake anta yavattadru yochne maadiddira? Adikkiro reasons na naan helteeni, so tappade ee article na complete’aag odhi, nimge eshta aadre miss maadDe share maadi. Yenaadru tappagiddre comment maadi.

1. Best City for Singles

If you are single Don’t worry Bangalore is safe, guarded and city is known for women honour and glory

2. The ultimate place for adventure lovers!

Weekend destinations like Mysore, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Goa, Kerela are all overnight journey from banglore that offers not only adventure but also some breathaking views.

3. Bangalore is heaven for the foodies

From Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Mouglai, Punjabi, Bengali, Continental, Mexican; You name it and Bangalore has to offer you.

4. It is the Hub for jobs and internships

From Microsoft, Oracle, GE, Infosys, Wipro, Flipkart, Ola, Uber to name a few, it is the best city to start your career with.

5. Best place for socializing

Bangalore has lots of interesting places to meet people and different groups. From fitness activities, cycling, running, head to Cubbon Park on Sunday morning to meet a plethora of people doing weird fitness stuffs.

6. Explore startups however it may sound stupid

Bengaluru is proving to be the world’s second fastest growing startup ecosystem. Meanwhile, Koramangala is known as the ‘test lab’ of startups across the country.

7. Not only IT hub, Bengaluru is also an education hub

If you are planning for higher studies, hook to Banaglore and you will never be disappointed!

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