10 Awesome Songs By Vijay Prakash That We’ve All Heard On Loop

When we look towards the music industry of Sandalwood, then Vijay Prakash sir will surely stand amongst the top and there is no one here who hasn’t enjoyed his melody. Not just enjoying his songs, most of his songs will be on loop in our music apps, and we tend to listen till his next songs come so that we put that on loop.

Here are a few of the many of his songs that we all have listened in loop.

Bombe Heluthaite ( Raajakumara )


The film Rajakumara was not just a breaker of many records in the industry, but also managed to give a hit album as well. This song from that album was the top of all and people still have this song on loop even today.

Belageddu Yara Mukhava Nanu Nodide ( Kirik Party )


This song doesn’t need any introduction of its own, the song that has beaten all the records and still continue to, the song that made the youth to fall in love with Sanvi and all thanks to Vijay sir and Ajneesh Loknath for giving us this melody.

Khali Quarter Bottle ( Victory )


The songs on drunk or Yenne used to be mostly patho songs or sad songs, but this song broke all barriers and started a new trend in the industry and even today this song is remembered when other such songs are released.

Alladsu Alladsu ( Chowka )


This song was a double treat for the film fans, one is this wonderful song which makes anyone’s feet tap for the beats and the lyrics and the other is that we got to see Kashinath Sir on the big screen putting a few steps.

Tik Tik Tik ( The Villain )


One of the top most viewed Kannada song on YouTube of the film ‘The Villain,’ had some negative feedback when first it was released and later people just got addicted to the song.

Saaluthilaveee Saaluthilave ( Kotigobba 2 )


I bet you read that with the tune itself, that was the craze that this romantic song had created and even today people have it on their top playlist favourites.

Hodi Ombath ( Mugulu Nage )


Even this song had created a lot of buzz, with Yograj Bhat’s lyrics and Vijay sir’s voice the magic was enough to drive the people crazy.

Yennenu Soda Nu ( Hebbuli )


All these type of songs were the inspiration from the song Khali Quarter Bottle and even today people love to listen to these songs.

Gaatiya Illidu ( Ulidavaru Kandanthe)


One of my favourite songs and I didn’t want to miss it of the list, this was the first collaboration of Ajneesh Loknath and Vijay Prakash, and they had showed the world what they could create together.

Jai Ho ( Slum Dog Millionaire)


This song is not the pride of Karnataka, it is the pride of India. A R Rehman trusting Vijay sir over other Bollywood singers itself talks a lot about the calibre of vijay sir.

These were the few songs that we thought it needed the mention. If you feel that any other songs needed to fit in here, then do let us know.

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