Top 10 Must Have Street Food In Namma Bengaluru!

Bengaluru, a beautiful city with wonderful people, colours and culture. It’s also city of awesome mouth-watering delicacies, especially the street food. Here we present you the best street food in Bangalore that are worth checking out while you’re here!

1. Iyengar’s Bakery

Karnataka’s iconic, original bakers — Iyengar’s Bakery, well known for its amazing snacks on the go! Here you should try the aloo bun melt-in the mouth-chunky of potato inside a bun. And the masala bun — the mini savoury buns that you can have with lemon tea or hot-filter coffee. Yummy snacks like egg puff, panneer puff, and veg puff are also popular. Try the khara cookies and Dil Pasand to munch on. They’re heavenly.

2. Golden Crispy Masala Dosas

You must visit Hotel Vishnu Sagar for golden crispy Masala Dosas and the great Indian doughnut — Vada.

3. Idli

Idli is comfort food, a great way to warm your tummy. And, how can we even forget of Karnataka’s legendary dish, Chitranna / Lemon Rice.

4. Gobi Manchurian

No mention of food in Bengaluru is complete without local Chinese fusion — the Gobi Manchurian. These florets of cauliflower are dipped in a spicy batter and fried till golden brown. They are mixed with soya and chilli sauce.

5. Chilli Bajji

Speaking of spicey food — do try Chilli Bajji — served with a garnish of onions and coriander.

6. Akki Rotti And Chutney

A homely meal and very filling.

7. Paddus

Paddus are small golden brown delicates fried in a special tawa with dosa batter. These are amazing fun to eat and are a popular breakfast dish.

8. Parathas

These North Indian flatbreads are no less popular in Bengaluru. They’re eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This versatile dish is served with a dollop of butter, mint, and chutney, pickle, and curd.

9. Hot Golden Jalebis

For your sweet tooth — try hot golden Jalebis in a sugary syrup, absolutely delicious.

10. Obbattu

One of Karnataka’s most celebrated sweets is the Obbattu. It’s popularity today has made it a street snack as one could look forward to.

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