These 6 Facts About “Ugramm” Will Compel You To Watch It Once Again

UGRAMM!!! Ugramm is not just a film for any fan of Kannada films, it’s an emotion. We all have seen that film so many times that, we have all the major dialogues of the film in our mouth tip, such was the craze that film had created. A huge thanks to Prashanth Neel for giving such a master piece to the industry 0f which we all will be ever proud of. But here are a few facts of the film that you probably did not know of.

Prashanth Neel and Sri Murali are relatives.

Yes, Prashanth Neel, the director of the film is the brother in law of Sri Murali.

The Sequel of Ugramm

The sequel of the film Ugram has been declared and has been named as “Ugram Veeram” and film will be written and directed by Prashanth Neel and Sei Murali will be in the lead. This film was scheduled to start in 2015, but we dont find it starting anytime as Prshanth Neel has signed his next film with Puneeth Rajkumar.

Prashanth Neel had other film in mind for his debut

Yes, Prashanth Neel had written a script of the film Aa Hudugi Neene, but when Sri Murali heard the script he concerned the opinion that he may not the suitable actor for that lead role.

Sri Murali was not cast for the film, the film was cast for Sri Murali

Yes, you read that right, after Aa Hudugi Neene was rejected by Sri Murali, the director Prashanth Neel stayed with Sri Murali and keenly observed him and later started writing the film that suited his mannerism.

The first film to shot outside Bharat Gold Mines LTD

This was the first ever film to shot outside Bharat Gold Mines LTD in Kolar gold mines.

Ugramm was remade

Yes, Ugramm was remade, not in Hindi or any south Indian language but in Odia with the name ‘Agasthya’.

A scene from a Tamil film was inspired by Ugramm

The famous scene from Ugram where Agasthya Murders by climbing a pole was taken as inspiration and was remade for the film ‘Sketch’ in Tamil.

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