The Ugly Relationship Between Hitler & His Niece Will Make You Hate HIM Even More

It all began with the induction of Geli Raubal, the daughter of Hitler’s half-sister, Angela, into Hitler’s politically-oriented hate-filled life. Angela’s husband had recently passed away, and Hitler had offered her a job as his housekeeper. Geli, who was at that time a teenager, was a lively and uninhibited girl, full of vivacious energy, and was oblivious to the trouble that would befall her soon.

Soon enough, her uncle began to keep a close watch over her. Unbeknownst to her, his attention towards her kept increasing to the point where it became an unhealthy obsession. They kept growing closer, and four years later, Hitler had Angela moved to a villa near Berchtesgaden while Geli was asked to live with him in his Munich apartment. Geli was forced to obey her uncle, and had no choice in the matter. It was at this point that the general public began to suspect something was unusual about the arrangement, and questioned Hitler’s feelings towards his niece.

Under the distrusting gaze of his opposition, Hitler had Geli attend every meeting, where she chatted up the occasional businessman and interacted with the guests. The both of them became inseparable, and Hitler accompanied her everywhere, serving as part-bodyguard and part-observer. Whenever he couldn’t personally chaperone her trips, he would send someone in his place to watch over her.

Gradually, the nature of their relationship changed into something more vicious, more possessive. Hitler was obsessed with being around Geli, who was too soft-spoken to outwardly oppose any decisions her uncle made. When her affair with the chauffeur was discovered, Hitler had him fired and put Geli under stricter observation. He drove all her suitors away, and even forbade her from going out for anything, even to meet her friends.

Geli, who was once so free-spirited, gradually descended into a cycle lof depression and yearned for freedom that would never be found. Meanwhile, Hitler grew more dependent of his niece, and refused to leave her alone. It seemed that what had started out as fatherly affection had grown into something darker. The whispers of his questionable feelings grew a hundredfold, almost corrupting his role in his genocidal plans.

Even in her distress, Geli dreamed of becoming a singer and wanted to escape to Vienna, top start afresh. She planned to marry a man there and settle down. She and Hitler fought quite a bit over this matter. One day, as Hitler was going away for a meeting, she was seen shouting down at him from her balcony, and he responded with “No, for the last time, no.”

Later, her body was found in her room, lying broken, facedown on a floor with blood spilled all around her. Her lung had been punctured, practically blown to bits, and her uncle’s gun lay nearby. It was ruled as a suicide at the time, although no note was found, except for a cheerful letter to Geli’s friend that had the 23 year old girl’s fond dreams in them.

Hitler was said to have sunk into deep depression at the news, and wouldn’t stop visiting her room, after having it sealed off from everyone else. He constantly mourned her death, although he never let it stop him from executing his plans. It put no dent in his ambition, and he made statements that denied all accusations of him having an affair with his niece.

All these years later, questions are still being asked about the entire incident, and none of them have been answered yet. Did Hitler love her? Did they have a sexual relationship? Did he abuse her or molest her? Was she murdered or did she kill herself? We may never know.

Image Source: Henry Makow, WorlWarTwo, OldPicz, The Telegraph, FilmInspector, Tumblr

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