Feelings That Only Royal Enfield Owners Will Understand

“Royal Enfield”, isn’t just a name, it’s an emotion!! Well, am I being a bit dramatic? If yes, then sure the name deserves that drama. Such is the class of the bike and of course is one the dream bikes of every boy and now a days even of girls. But, owning the bike is much different experience than just dreaming about it and here a few feelings that only Royal Enfield owners understand.

You are not owning a bike, you are owning a Pet

Ya, it becomes more of a relationship with your bike. You start understanding it and it starts understanding you and as in every relationships there are quiet a lot misunderstandings too.

Long drives aren’t always refreshing

With the heat of the engine and the heavy vibrations, the long drives may not be as refreshing as they portray.

Services cost you a fortune

With all the money you have spent for service, I bet you could have bought a new bike.

You need not necessarily have a girlfriend


Everyone has this misconception that you come to your college with a bullet and all girls will be behind you, and that is the biggest myth of our time.

Rides in rain aren’t much of a pleasure

You might have always dreamed of taking your bike on a rainy day and have a long drive, trust me riding becomes the most stressful job when its raining as you find it difficult to see through your helmet.

Mileage is always low

You will ride your bike more under reserve than otherwise.

Always your companion

No matter what, happiness or sad, joy or sorrow the one thing that will stay with you is this bike.

A sense of confidence

My dad used to always say, kick start a bullet and only then you have learnt to ride it.

These were the few feelings that only a owner of the RE understands, if you own a RE and have something to share then please let us know.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Royal Enfield

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