‘Ondu Strong Coffee’ has Madan Ramvenkatesh’s Signature

Off late, I have been watching a lot of short movies for their ability of quick and efficient way of story telling. I was always under the impression that short films are somewhat easy to pull off, compared to full length movies. I mean well yeah 10-15 mins short, takes talent to tell a story.

Have been in constant with Madan, his ideas, dedication and a unique way of looking at the things and presenting them, may it be U Turn or ABC or The Last Kannadiga, each one is different and equally engaging.. Like wise, Ondu strong coffee now joins the bandwagon.

Honestly, with new and raw set of actors in hand, to pull and weave different stories in one story is in itself a task, but ondu strong coffee stands commendably strong. It is of course a challenge for the budding actors who faced camera for the first time. Indeed the acting school students have a long way to go, they have done a decent job, but lot to work on.

Loved the concept and specially the climax, its just so unconventional. It’s something fresh which doesn’t happen with the regular stories. Technical values, Framing and music of the movie might not seem outstanding but works well, apt and meets the requirements without any deficits.

If one knows Madan, they can surely see his signature and the shades of his thoughts. And yes, It takes equal efforts like a full length movie if not more to pull off a short movie like oOnd Strong Coffee. Now time to enjoy this Strong Coffee soon!

As they say, har movie ka ek hee hero hota hai aur wo Director hota hai..

Crew Members Of ‘Ondu Strong Coffee’ :

Story, Screenplay and Direction – Madan Ramvenkatesh
DOP and Editor – Rakesh Hosamani
Dialogues – Sukruth and Madam
Music – Aparajith Sris, Krish-T Inn tunes
Poster Design – Kanmani Kreations

— Prashant Jade, Actor, Theater activist.

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