06 DANGEROUS Android Apps You Need To Uninstall Them Immediately

Google Play is a great place for new develpers who want to showcase their app developing skill to the entire world. Trust us, not all of them have the best intentions: some apps are way too dangerous that they can collect the personal data from your phone, share your personal information, and even steal money from your bank account.

Here’s a list of android apps which are very harmful for your device and you nees to uninstall them them immediately:

01. UC Browser and Dolphin Browser

UC Browser

UC browser has over 500M downloads on Play Store and one of the most popular android apps in India and China. But behind this popularity there’s a dark side. If you just check the list of permissions that the app needs you’ll land with a question that why the fcking browser needs all these personal informations? Basically it requires permission for anything and everything. Previously the app has been accused for leaking data to third-party websites and even it sends your device’s personal information to Alibaba Analytics Tool. And, the most frightening part is that, it can even track and send your location upto the street name to the Chinese servers.

The same thing holds good with the Dolphin Browser. Here the most frightening part is that, even when you are in incognito mode it sends your data to Chinese servers. All the information you type, search and download will be sent to the Chinese servers without your knowledge.

02. Clean Master

Clean Master

This is a very popular app. It promises to clean up your RAM storage and remove unwanted caches. Infact, nowadays android phones comes up with the same feature pre-installed. This app has the tendency to show you the spam notifications and ads that take-up your precious battery and slowdowns your phone.

03. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

This app promises to optimise the battery and charge your phone faster. Trust us, your phone can’t charge quickly unless it has fast charging support. So, basically this app is just a junk which shows malicious ads that take-up your battery.

04. ES Files Explorer – File Manager

ES Files Explorer

Then this app used to be a very good app but now it has become very dangerous. Other than cartoonish user interface, it shows you a lot of ads in the background that eats up your device’s space and even your phone’s battery. It also collects personal information in the background.

05. Kingroot


It’s one-stop root application that helps you root your android device in one click and this app is totally harmful. It grabs your personal information and sends it to the developer. It can also install malicious apps without your permission and you will not have any idea that your data is being stolen. This app is totally no go zone.

– Image Courtesy: Google Images

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