9 Types Of Students Who Ruin Mass Bunks In Every Gang

Most of you here might have already finished your college life and some of you might still be in one. According to you what is the most difficult task in your college life? No.. not the exams, it is the task to compel everyone for the mass bunk!! Yes you heard it right, ever tried convincing your classmates to put mass bunk? If you were a last bencher like me then you surely know the trouble.

Here are the list of people you encounter when you try for a mass bunk.

The first benchers


I hate them, I literally do! They are the only people who stand between us and the mass bunk every f*cking time. I still don’t understand where they store their knowledge even after attending so many lectures.

The attendance shortage people


These people are always short of attendance, especially when we plan a mass bunk the necessity to attend class becomes so very required for a few.

The people who are shocked

Ramya Krishna GIF

Ya they exist, they seem so surprised when we put our masterplan of mass bunk on the table. “But why?” is their common reaction. What answer do you expect me to give these people.

The back stabbers

Darshan DBoss GIF

These are the most dangerous ones, they smile and agree for what ever we say and with the same smile we can see them in the class later.

The once who are ought to get caught

Brahmanandam GIF

These people don’t really understand the term mass bunk, they roam around near the class, maybe with the hope to get caught by the lecturers.

The always ready gang


The best of all, these people are always ready for mass bunk, whenever you say they are just ready to walk out of the class no matter what.

The chamcha’s

Akshay Kumar GIF

The chamchas or the bucket rajas who are waiting for the opportunity to pose in front of the lecturers how obedient they are.

The Jol partys’

Kiccha Sudeep

You can find these kind of people always around girls rather than boys, and they are ought not leave the girls behind in the class and go for the mass bunk.

The revenge seekers


These people who might have planed the mass bunk before and might have got cheated by the people I mentioned above, now their only moto is vengeance and they are ought attend every fucking mass bunks for revengeeeeee!!!

These were the few types of people we encountered during our college life, do let us know if you have any new types now!

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