Remembering Ambi: 8 Interesting Facts About the ‘Rebel Star’ That You Probably Didn’t Know

Veteran Kannada actor and former minister Ambareesh passed away in a Bengaluru’s Vikram hospital on 24 November after suffering massive cardiac arrest. He was 66.

Entertaining his audience for over five decades with his strong performance he had a massive fan base from all over the world. He started his career through ‘Nagarahavu’ and evolved to one of the legend in industry.

Here are some most interesting facts about Ambi that very few people knows:

Ambi was First Class student during school days

During Ambi’s school days he was the first class student. But when he entered to college, he was an ‘A’ grade student. According to him, ‘A’ means Absent!

Ambi was very mischievous during his school days

Once Ambi’s teacher had written ‘Rama-nu Manege Hodanu’ on board. Ambarish, who was sitting at the last bench, immediately raised his hand and said that, ‘Ambarish Eevaga Manege Hoguttiddaane’.

Ambi’s father wanted him to become a Doctor

Ambareesh’s father wanted his son to become a doctor. But Ambi became an Actor. He still regrets for not fulfilling his father’s desire and at the same time he doesn’t regret for landing himself in film industry.

Ambika proposed Ambi!

Ambarish and Ambika are very popular reel life pair. Their on-screen chemistry was very good. But in real life, Ambika had proposed Ambi. But, Ambi did not have the idea of getting married to Ambika.

Ambi on shooting spots!

When Ambi is present on shooting sets, he will make everyone enjoy their work. He doesn’t fail to bring smiles on each and everyone who will be working with him. He is very friendly, kind-hearted and a beautiful human being.

Ambi doesn’t go on time for shooting!

There were few complaints about Ambi that he doesn’t go to sets on time for shooting. When asked about it in an interview, Ambi confessed that, “It is because of my busy schedule in my political career. Infact, before entering into politics, I was going to sets on time.”

Was Ambi a gambler?

Everybody thinks Ambarish is a gambler. Ambi also agrees with this statement. “Yes, at one point of my life, I was a gambler,” says Ambi.

Was Ambi a Drunkard?

There are a lot of rumours which says that Ambi is a Drunkard. But Ambi totally denies it. “I’m healthy, fit and fine. Did anyone come to see whether I drink or I don’t?”

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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