‘KGF’ Trailer Review: It Has Blockbuster Written All Over It

“THE ENDING, TO ALL GREAT STORIES IS WRITTEN BY DESTINY” – UNKNOWN, this is how the trailer of the much-anticipated film of the industry “K.G.F” starts and my dear friends the hype is f*cking real!!!! At last after so much of waiting we have finally got to watch the trailer of K.G.F and the whole country is talking about it. Most of you might have already seen the trailer and don’t really need any review, but still we have tried to dissect the trailer and know more about it.

Is the whole story given away in the trailer?

As we can easily make out the plot, mainly is that a boy from streets of Mumbai reaches the bloody fields of Kolar and rises with the commoners to over throw the people in power.

I strongly believe there is much to the story than this because it is Prashanth Neel who has written the story and the expectations are really high.

How many parts do the story take?

From the trailer we can easily say the that there is a second part as the title says K.G.F CHAPTER1, the question is whether the story ends with chapter 2 or are there more of it to come.

What does the opening Phrase really mean?

It says that end of a great story is written by destiny, which story are they speaking of? The story of Yash coming to Kolar and ruling there or the story which happens before Yash comes to Kolar.

As usual, is Srinidhi Shetty the daughter or sister of the villain?

We rarely get to see the glimpse but still in 2 shots we can see the Srinidhi Shetty and she is shown as she belongs to a rich family. Is she the daughter or sister of the villain who falls in love with Yash when he revolts against him? Doesn’t it become too mainstream?

Why weren’t any songs shown??

As we have heard that Tamanna Bhatia has danced along side Yash in Item song, apart from that we have no clue about the number of songs done. With Ravi Basur as the music director the expectations are really high about the quality of the songs.

Will this film be the first film of sandalwood to Gross 100cr?

With the film ready to release in more than 4 languages and even in the international market, the film is sure to Gross 100 crs. Faran Akthar, one of the producers who has taken the hindi dubbing rights has agreed to release the film on December 21st, the same day SRK’s ZERO is being released, the hope Faran is having on a south Indian film to compete against one of the super stars of Bollywood itself says a lot about the quality of the film and the possible amount it would make.

Brace yourself guys and mark down the dates of 21st December 2018, history is going to written in the pages of Kannada Film industry and the whole nation will look back towards us.

— Sharath Byloli

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