Here’s How Deepavali Was When We Were Kids Vs How It Is Now

The one thing so many of us miss about being kids was reveling in the pure simplicity of things. Take for instance, celebrating festivals. Back then, we used to love doing everything by hand and used to find pleasure in the smallest of things. Right now, all most of us care about is how fancy and expensive something is, and whether decorating a part of the house a certain way would make it more Instagram-worthy. Keep reading for a hit of nostalgia, and join me in wishing for the good old days to make a comeback.

1. New clothes

Most of us have gone from stepping out of the house to shop, to getting it done without having to move from our comfortable positions in our beds. Online shopping has made quite the steep progress and has even become a necessity for most people of this decade. But the thrill of roaming around looking at different clothes, paired with the exhaustion from walking in the sun, can never be replaced by the small, quiet screen of the phone you hold.

2. Decorations

Back then, we used to be exhilarated when given the responsibility of putting diyas around the house and lighting them. Now all we do is string around some fairy lights and take pictures. Does the artificiality of it all not tire you?

3. Sweets

Sweets were something we all looked forward to eating on Diwali. When we were kids, our mothers used to tire themselves out in the kitchen, putting in so much work to make the delicacies you loved. Now all we do is step out, buy a box or two of whatever sweets you can think of, and miss out on the small delights of making homemade ones, especially the part where you got to be Maa’s personal taste tester.

4. Holidays

This is something that might probably be out of our control, but all of us admit to having fewer holidays than we used to back then. In addition to that, the few days we do get are stressful and mostly spent writing out whatever assignments our teachers had decided to give us.

5. Quality family time

This holds true not just for Diwali, but for most occasions. Families just aren’t as close as they used to be a couple of decades ago. Diwali used to be a time of gathering at your grandparents’ place and getting to be mischievous with all your cousins, wreaking havoc under one roof. Now all we do is make a few calls, send a few messages, and spend the day in solitude.

Image Courtesy: Beautytips, Jumeirah

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