Ever Wondered Why Photography Is Not Allowed In Museums?

Many of us or our friends have the habit of clicking pictures of everything that is wonderful. Likewise, a large number of us visit museum and endeavor to click pictures yet sadly we get irritated as photography is prohibited. Have you ever wondered the reason behind this prohibition?

Here’s the reason why photography are not permitted inside the museums.

1. Camera flash

Yes, the camera flash will affect the originality of the photos or paintings exhibited in the museum.

2. To enhance visitor experience

If photography is permitted inside the museum, people will begin to click photographs in various angles, take selfies, groupfies utilizing selfie stick just to show off on social media. But actually this will irritate other visitors.

3. Copyright

Like photography or videography is restricted in cinema halls to avoid copyright issues, a similar thing applies for the museum also.

4. To retain the value of the painting

If photographs of the paintings and other valuable stuffs are displayed on social media, individuals will be less intrigued to visit the museum to really witness the paintings. Henceforth, the value of the same decreases.

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