7 Things Every Beardless Guy Will Relate To During No Shave November

“Beard is the new six pack,” they say and why not, the trend is at its peak now and the luckiest are those who have managed to grow beard in its peak time. Many trends have come and gone like the ‘low waist trend’ once ruled all over and if we wanted to be a part of that trend we could follow it directly. But then came the beard trend which shattered all the other trends and still continue to rule so. But, the problem here was that everyone could not follow this trend even if they wished so, unless they were ok with sticking a fake beard and roam around. And the most difficult part for all these people with no beard is when November starts, the “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER,” just to remind these people that they are beard less. Here are a few things that every beardless guy can relate to during No Shave November.

No posting on social media for a month

Jaggesh GIF

As the social media will be flooded with the post people with beard showing off their beard and I bet half of them will not know the real reason behind the No Shave November campaign. And beardless would not want the world to remember that they are beardless by posting any pics.

The notification bar is always filled for a month

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This is the time of the year when all the people with beard can take revenge on the beardless and ya, don’t waste this opportunity. All the memes about the beardless will be tagged and the notification bar will always be filled.

Weird questions from your GFs

KicchaSudeep GIF

Well, if you have managed to get a GF without a beard then of course its some kind of a achievement (just kidding 😉) but still you have to answer all their dumb questions like “baby, why don’t you participate in no shave November?” and all you can think of is “I wish I could”.

New experiments will start


You are now so frustrated that why decide by hook or cook you have to get beard now and you are into internet searching for some miracle that could get you your beard, trust me the blade shaving thing doesn’t work.

Your friends will make sure that your life becomes hell

Puneeth GIF

All your friends with beard make sure that your life becomes hells with pointing out the fact that you don’t have a beard with phrase like “ beard is for men bro, you just forget it”

You wish you could vanish for a few days


All you could wish other than wishing to have a beard is wishing to vanish for a few days till these hype of No Shave November gradually decreases.

The Bro-Bro feeling when you meet your friend with no beard


If all your friends have beard then sure your life is fucked, at least for month but if you have any friends with going through the same as you then you both are ought to be pals for the next one month.

These are the few things that every beardless guy could relate to in November and this is all just for fun and not to hurt anyone’s feelings, so take it lightly and enjoy! All the guys here reading this, don’t forget to share this with your friends with no beard.

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