10 Reactions You Get When You Clean Shave After A Long Time!

In the era of beard being the new six pack of men, there are still a few of us who like to keep it clean, if not every time at least once in a while. And that once in a while kind of habit may sometimes turn into a night mare for us.

Here are the 10 usual reactions we get when we clean shave after a long time.

Obviously, the shocked ones

People around us act so strange that the feel something has just happened to our face and are shocked, “what the hell did you just do to yourself,” is the common question we are ought to face for the next few days.

The strange stalkers

People who even don’t know us personally also starts to give us strange looks, which makes it pretty sure that our face is f*cked up!!!

Sense of humour of our closed ones is bound to improve

When we become a laughing stock, then it is of course our best friends who are making fun of us to the maximum extent they can.

The ROFL people

The worst of all, the people who just start laughing when ever they see us or just pass by us, “Yes boss, the joke is over,” is all we want to shout at then.

The social media Buffs

All the social media buffs will have their mobiles out, put a story with a new specimen that they have just discovered. And, there are people who store all these photos for our birthday and plan a mass murder.

The questioning stock

How the hell did everyone get so interested in our life? They now have question whenever we meet, “what the hell is wrong with you?”, “Why, what happened?”, “Got a new girlfriend aa??”.

Dirty jokes

Now we are a target for all the dirty jokes our friends want to crack, we become a girl, a woman and sometimes even transgender in their jokes.

The “I told you!!” batch

Most of the people who aren’t laughing or making jokes belong to this group and even they are not helping us in anyways, “I told you not do it”, “ I told you to at least keep little beard right?”, “ I told you clean shave doesn’t suit you”. Ya, well, it’s done and dusted pal!!!

The supportive batch

The fewest of the few, the people who support no matter what we do, or do they even bother? – “Its fine bro, looks good,” will be their common dialogue.

The happy batch

Obviously our parents and family, finally they have got back a son who they can call their own very proudly.

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