9 Kannada Directors Who Bounced Back From Failures And Gave Huge Hits

To be director of a film is no easy task, the vision that you foresee through the lens may not reach the audience, or even if it reaches there may not be suitable audience for your content. If a movie becomes a hit then people search a thousand different reasons why the film became a hit, but when a movie flops then the first reason that everybody points out is the director.

Here are a few of those directors who bounced back with huge hits.

Rishab Shetty

Rishab Shetty’s debut was not something that we would remember, with Rakshith Shetty in the lead, and even with a good story line Ricky did not make sound in the box office, and after that Kirik Party happened and rest is history.

Simple Suni

Even though he had got success with his debut movie Simpllag Ondh Love Story, but after that the next 2 films of Suni weren’t a big hit, but he bounced back with back to back hits with Operation Alamelamma and Chamak.

Yograj Bhat

We all know Yograj Bhat after Mungaru Male, but before creating that masterpiece Yograj Bhat had a few mediocre films under his belt.

Duniya Suri

Even with a big name and big star cast the film Dodmane Huduga did not make much in the industry and after that Tagaru was made and it became the hit film of the year.

Pawan Kumar

The most talented Director of the industry, his first film Life-u Eshtene was not that big hit, after that he came back with Lucia, the film that got international recognition.


Jogi Prem hadn’t got any hit after his film Excuse me and Jogi, but he came back with Villain and the film is still breaking records in the box office.

Upendra Roa

Even though Upendra has never given any flop films, intended to put his name because he came back with Super after almost 10 years and the film was a very huge success in the industry.

These were a few of the directors who made a huge comeback to the industry. If you have anyone in your mind please let us know in the comment section.

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