7 Feelings Only 90s Kids Will Understand

From growing up without the influence of social media and with having experienced the horrors that came with slow computing rates, the one thing all ’90s kids can agree upon is that those times, trying as they were, were some of the best years to ever have existed. To have been born in the era after slavery had been abolished and before everybody cared too much about the wrong things, was a blessing not many of us think about. Read on to take a trip down memory lane and relieve all the best things about the decade.

1. Cassette tapes

Almost every ‘90s kid has been burdened with the task of rewinding a cassette tape after playing one side of it. And there is no denying that we all used to unwind the roll of tapes inside using pencils and play with them-and almost always got in trouble for it too.

2. Computer games

Since the Internet wasn’t a big thing back then, what with the hassle of dial-up connection, offline computer games used to be a safe haven for every kid. Whether it was playing Spider Solitaire or messing with the pinball machine, we were never bored.

3. The thrill of playing outside

Kids nowadays do not get to experience the pure joy of being able to run around outside and get dirty in the mud and in the rain. Games like gilli danda, hide-and-go-seek, and catch-catch were all big hits in our open playgrounds that seemed to stretch for miles in every direction.

4. Cameras

Before the era of digital cameras and smartphones, there were regular old cameras that used film, each tube of which had a limited amount of storage. There was never time to properly pose for a picture, and you did not get 76 tries to get the perfect click you wanted. It was aim and shoot, and you were stuck with whatever scene was captured, like it or not.

5. Downloading files

This might have been one of the most frustrating things back in the ‘90s, where you had to wait ages to be able to download small files-which today, would be downloaded onto your phone in a matter of seconds. No more tapping your fingers impatiently on your desk, wondering when you would get to open the files you wanted.

6. Lounging in front of the TV

After you were done playing outside, the next best thing would be to relax in front of the bulky television set to watch the distorted rainbow-patterned static, patiently waiting for your favorite cartoon to come on. This was also a regular weekend morning routine, and it was always worth the wait.

7. Collecting cards

Kids in the ‘90s had an obsession with hoarding things, mostly Pokémon game cards or Beyblades that we used to either trade or fight our friends over.

Bonus: Let’s not forget the sweet, cold taste of Pepsi-not the one in cans, but the icy liquid in long plastic pouches that were quite the relief in the summer season, be it after an exam or a game of makeshift cricket in class.

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