The 10 most ridiculous job titles ever!

You may have come across with ridiculous people, yet have you ever went over ridiculous job titles?

Interesting isn’t? Actually, these days our society is encountering job title madness, with new titles flying out everyday! Sometimes, it’s necessary, other times it’s only a smart approach to influence others to understand the significance of the job role.

Here we are, with the 10 most ridiculous job titles ever.

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1. Beverage Dissemination Officer

A name for Bartender.

2. Chick Sexer

A person who determines the sex of chickens

3. Janitor

A super cool name for a toilet cleaner

4. Accounting Ninja

A guy who is super fast in accounting stuffs.

5. Retail Jedi

A retail shop assistant

6. Cat Behavior Consultant

A psychological doctor for cats! Ya, you read it right!

7. Bread Scientist


8. Bride Kidnapping Expert


9. MILF Commander

OMG -_-

10. Porn Historian

You know whom to tag, right?

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